Fight Against Covid

On January 30,2022, India Confirmed its first Corona virus case in Karla, but until the beginning of March, the Indian people hadn’t paid much attention to the virus. By the time India announced a nation- wide lockdown on March 24, India had reported 536 cases in several states, including Delhi, Telangana & Rajasthan and 10 deaths. But the year 2020-2022 was unforgettable for world awing to several types of challenges we faced but with optimism we pressed for word and outlived and outlived them all. We also reeled under the deadly waves of covid-19 just others.

The pandemic affected normal life functioning for almost three years now & continues. We immediately adapted to the situation by redesigning the program in a way that meets covid safety protocols while responding to people’s growing needs. The speed extraordinary challenges for the poor and the needy.

We at Mahaveer Rajkumar Charitable Trust are extending our support to the marginalized, by answering that our health care workers stand at the first line of defense. In that period of extreme distress, the urgent needs of people and communities were immediately responded to as well by reaching out with COVID response kits.

We have been able to accomplish a drop in the ocean’ by the support of our valued donors, These activities involve the distribution of Ration Relief kits, Personal Protective equipment kits, N-95 Marks and Nourishment supplements for kids etc. After the second wave of the pandemic, GGF launched a free vaccinated drive for the economically vulnerable, helping more than 10,000 people.